About me. Maternity & family photographer in Bay Area Duhovskaya Iryna

Hello, I’m Iryna

         I have been in the professional photography business for about 7 years. I enhanced my skills through extensive training in composition, color theory and intricate retouching techniques as well as spent a lot of time and effort mastering studio lighting. These skills also include how to build complementary and effective lighting schemes. For me, working with the light is not just a technical skill: it’s also about using an artistic lighting. When I’m working, I am constantly looking for new ways to implement different techniques, whether it’s creating a portrait with soft, diffused light or a dynamic play of shadows with dramatic edges. The true magic of photography always becomes the contrast between light and shadow.

          Throughout my career, I have had the privilege of working with many families, creating timeless portraits that capture their true warmth, love and emotions. My approach is to create a comfortable environment where my clients can relax and be themselves, therefore portraying a light on their true emotions

         Evidently, my greatest inspiration comes from my two amazing daughters who have been my constant companions on this creative journey. They not only bring an everyday joy to my life, but also act as my assistants, participating as my subjects while adding an abundant number of photos of them to our family portfolio! Priceless!

         One of my favorite areas of photography is studio maternity photo sessions. This precious time in a woman’s life deserves to be cherished. I strive to capture the beauty, grace, femininity and tenderness of this period.

         During photo shoots, I try to create a relaxed atmosphere and maintain a comfortable rhythm for my client. You can assure that all the aspects of posing and directing are on me leaving one to simply enjoy the experience.

         I’m here to bring ones envisions and ideas to life. Let’s create unforgettable moments together.